Orion Silverstar ~ I.T.C Spirit / Entity Communication


My name is Orion Silverstar (Spirit Medium)

I have been in direct communication with the afterlife / spirit world now for a number of years. The methods in which I use are electronic devices, Scrying and Hydromancy long with other forms of divination and ritual. I sometimes see spirits and hear them and nearly all the time feel them around me as they are around us everywhere.

I specialise in Instrumental Transdimensional Communication (I.T.C) & Electronic Voice Phenomena (E.V.P). I am a very spiritual person & take a professional approach to Paranormal research. I believe in working with others in the field helping them and sharing ideas rather than competing with them. I believe in reaching new grounds as far as research & experimentation in the paranormal field.

I am a Rev. of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, CA

Founder of Silverstar Paranormal - Silverstar Paranormal specialises in spirit entity communication through electronic devices, Paranormal Research, Paranormal investigations, Ghost Hunting, helping and teaching others that are new in the field.

Do You Want To Reach A Loved One In The Afterlife ?  Do You Want To Communicate With Angels & Other Entities ? 

This site is all about showing people that the spirit world is very real and that they have many ways in which to communicate with us.